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2017 BEST OF
Vote for your favorite spots around town from fitness to dining to doctors.

Best Grocery Store

Favorite Local Beer

Best Bar

Best Patio

Best Healthy Restaurant

Favorite Ethnic Eatery

Best Brunch Spot

Best Food Truck

Best Smoothie/Juice Bar

Favorite Mexican Eatery

Favorite Salad

Favorite Pizza

Favorite Burger


Favorite Store for Fitness Apparel and Gear

Best Bike Shop

Best Med Spa

Best Hair Salon

Fittest CEO

Best Nutritionist/Dietitian/Weight Loss

Best Acupuncturist

Best Massage Therapist

Best Veterinary Clinic

Best Doggie Day Care


Best Mental Health Professional/Psychologist, Psychiatrist, LPC

Best Chiropractor

Best Physical Therapist

Best Podiatry

Best Orthopedic Doctor


Best Dermatologist

Best Cosmetic Surgeon

Best Dentist

Best Pediatrician

Best Cardiologist


Best Gym

Best Fitness Studio (non-CrossFit)

Best Yoga Studio

Best Personal Trainer

Best CrossFit

Best Bootcamp

Best Pilates Studio

Best Barre Studio

Best Indoor Cycling

Best Boxing/MMA

Best Trail Run

Best Road Race

Favorite Outdoor Fitness

Best Post Race Party

Best Triathlon

Best Cycling Event

Best Mountain Biking Event

Best Bodybuilding/Fitness Competition

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